Startups at GUSEC

Over 45 startups and innovations are presently incubated at Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council (GUSEC). The following are some of the incubatees that have crossed the prototyping stage:

(Last updated in September 2018.)

Founder: Harshwardhansinh Zala

Aerobotics7 develops drones with multi-spectral tech to detect landmines with spectroscopy in dangerous areas.

Advit Theranostix
Founder: Kamlesh Patel

Advait Theranostix is developing molecular diagnostics assay, for major diseases and disorders for technologies like real time PCR, next generation technology and micrroarray which would be cost-effective.
Founder: Mitesh Shethwala is India’s first-of-a-kind region fashion marketplace for local fashion brands & stores. With over 20,000 products listed at prices 20 to 50% lesser than market rates, is changing how local fashion brands and consumers transact.

Alteration Innotech
Founder: Aditya Bhatt

Alteration is working on cost effective smart door lock and mobile operated padlock.

AMB Industries
Founder: Aditya Bhatt

A groundbreaking technology generating renewable electricity through ionosphere’s radiant energy enabling a whole new low-cost energy ecosystem.

Founder: Megha Das

Amounee connects the artisans directly to the urban market who could be based in rural area on a digital platform.

Arc Attest
Founder: Sandeep Jain

Arc Attest is a web based automated platform for employers to handle verification requests from background screening companies and fellow organisations, by passing this to their central repository.

Founder: Shubham Jain

BrainItOn! brings fun into learning through a smart-class product for schools.

Blecan Innovations
Founder: Rishabh Agnihotri

Blecan Innovations is creating a groundbreaking point-of-sale system using homegrown low-energy bluetooth sensors and beacons.

Founder: Pankaj Bhimani

CampusYaari is into merchandising solutions and at the core, its team has developed a one-of-its-kind drop-ship model for merchadise.

Canva Fibre
Founder: Shikha Shah

Canva Fibre processes natural and sustainable fibres which are cost-efficient.

Founder: Shruti Chaturvedi

Chaaipani is a story-telling portal that focuses on sharing positive and inspiring stories of people in our daily lives.

Cubic Desktop Engineering
Founder: Dhruval Contractor

Cubic Desk Engineering develops ready to use, low-cost 3D printers with an assistive training platform ensuring a smooth technology transition for consumers.

Curio O Box
Founder: Kushal Thakkar

Curio O Box makes learning easy and more practical for children aged 5 -15 by using practical aids and kits which are personally curated.

Founder: Arshavi Buch

Dhanak is helping college students collaborate with corporates to implement their CSR policies better.

Founder: Hitarth Parikh

DOTcam is making world’s fastest scanning and most accurate app which would capture the photo of the notebook page without clicking the button and finishing the perfect image.

Founder: Amish Thaker

easilyDone is a one-stop solution to society management and a hyperlocal discovery app for local labour like plumbers, electricians, etc.

Elixir Foundation
Founder: Madhish Parikh

Elixir Foundation ubiquitously enhance lives for a better society. Elixir’s aim is to improve the state of the world and to empower youth by community service.

Embedded Analytics
Founder: Arjun Bhasin

Embedded Analytics provides technical consultancy in the domain of embedded electronics, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Episodic Labs
Founder: Raja K

Episodic Labs is building its first revolutionary sensor-enabled product, BEMRR, that will change how professional cricketers train and practice.

Eronkan Technologies
Founder: Ketan Parekh

EroNkan Technologies improves the manufacturing efficiency of Industry 4.0 and aggregates data from control systems, ERPs ,operator logbooks and then use analytics to improve the performance of the plant.

Founder: Rahul Panch

FunExpedia offers world’s most spectacular classrooms to impart leadership, outdoor skills and environmental ethics through learning-based trips to the Himalayas.

Founder: Radhika Patel

Futuriztic focuses on designing and developing low cost home automation solutions that are explicitly made in India.

Founder: Mihir Pandya

GeoSafe is a GPS sensor based platform for vehicle and location tracking and monitoring with deep analytics from driver behaviour to fuel analytics.

Founder: Rajan Patel

Greenobazaar is an online platform offering organic, natural, recycled / up-cycled products.

HRiS 365
Founder: Pravin Parmar

HRiS365 is an innovative SAAS-based human resource management system for small, medium and large enterprises, helping organisations streamline HR processes.

Founder: Ronak Parmar

HyVeggie is developing automated domestic hydroponic unit that would enable users to grow certain vegetables easily at home.

Infius Tech
Founder: Vatsal Maniar

Infius Tech makes pocket-size computers designed with efficiency to operate on a low-energy mechanism while withholding capacity to process complex computations.

Founder: Prakash Kapadiya

Jerry is designing an air-conditioning system that provides cosy temprature for sound sleep. It reduces electricity consumption and is environment friendly for a better and greener future.

Founder: Vedant Mankad

Justfreights is India’s first web platform for shipping industry bringing ease to users who can use the platform to search, compare and book import-export shipments on the go.

Konect Health
Founder: Dr Hiren Kaswala

Konect Health is an online health platform that empowers individuals with better health and disease management.

Krishi Box
Founder: Siddharth Rajde

Krishi Box is Tech-Ops driven efficient B2B supply chain for veg-fruit. Using efficient operations & analytics, we’re aiming to provide better price to farmers & reducing post harvest wastage

Founder: Kanan Dhru

India’s first comics to teach little ones laws, rights and legal processes.

Founder: Abha Mehra

India’s first expression platform empowering our youth through poetry and spoken word.

Marketedge Informatics Pvt. Ltd.
Founder: Harsh Kashiparekh

Bazaarbeat and Cryptbeat are being platforms being developed by the startup for Indian stock and cryptocurrency markets.

Founder: Hardik Patel

mypaybook develops centralized HR management and payroll processing system which provides innovative features like GPS based attendance, verification of pre-employment phases, AI based HR Activities automating various HR functions.

Petrocab ERP
Founder: Janmesh Rami

Petrocab is one-of-a-kind fuel station management software enabling a smooth operational process for fuel stations.

Pi Nutrition
Founder: Kishor Kapadiya

Pi Nutrition is a low-calorie, fruit-juice based, post-energy workout drink.

Founder: Aagam Shah

Plushvie is an online marketplace for authentic jewelry enabling great offers and prices for consumers while giving them an ease of shopping experience.

Plutomen Technologies
Founder: Alen Abraham

Plutomen has developed a mobile application for Photobook Camera which shares media content to a single or set of people swiftly.

Founder: Kushal Trivedi

PreBOO is a communication solution for teachers, tutors, and administrators of pre-schools and kindergartens, allowing activities of children to be shared with concerned parents in real time.

Prevail Softtronics
Founder: Vijay Parmar

Prevail Softronics is a LabVIEW based solutions provider company in academic and industry field.
Founder: Bhavini Mehta

PublishBook offers publishing, book printing and distribution options to authors and publishers from around the world.

Founder: Ishan Lakhwani

Rapidcode is working in the field of providing healthy meals through vending machines.

Raw Power
Founder: Neel Shah

Raw Power aims to provide necessary nutrition daily to urban professionals by providing them a healthy diet.

Founder: Parin Sanghavi

Reelo is the rewards point network for small, medium and large businesses, including restaurants, salons, etc.

Rivera Namkins
Founder: Manoj Ukani

Rivera converts & processes farm products and meat into ready to eat food products.

Rey Naturals
Founder: Anish Nagpal

Rey Naturals provides natural products like essential oils, diffuser and other products which can be used for aromatherapy, natural bath, body & soul care.

Run Flat System
Founder: Nirav Panchal

Runflat system is a polymer device fitted on wheels rim which adds mobility to a vehicle in case of terrain or ballistic related tyre damage.

Saturn Wallet
Founder: Ujjwal Thaakar

Saturn Wallet is building a mobile only cryptocurrency wallet with services and it’s a one stop shop for all things related to cryptocurrency.

Founder: Dr Megha Bhatt

SciKnowTech brings experiential learning to India’s kids through a variety of modules enabling incorporating a creative as well as a analytical curriculum for students.

Skin Smart
Founder: Vishrut Patel

SkinSmart is a pocket dermatologist which helps in managing skincare by providing the tools to track the progress of ones skincare concern, managing their routine and provides insights into improving their skincare.

Founder: Abhi Bavishi

Smartify is a marketplace for automation companies, and an open, interactive platform for customers.

StudentDesk (Codecrunch Techlabs Pvt Ltd)
Founder: Karan Pujara

StudentDesk is an online platform allowing students to buy, sell, exchange, rent or donate their books, and other study material.

Founder: Nimish Lalwani

Tastifai is an innovative food search app. The app uses AI and big data to reinvent the entire food searching ritual.

Tiller Revolution
Founder: Rajesh Rana

A multi purpose, efficient, low-cost replacement of a tractor.

Founder: Dhruvil Shah

Websiters helps consumers and small businesses get online, effectively and radically cheaply.

Founder: Kanishka Patel

WeHear is a low-cost revolutionary hearing aid solution based on bone conduction technology.

Founder: Brinda Patel

Wittybrowns is a think-tank startup which designs tests to make our students more socially and culturally aware contributing to a creative academic curriculum.

Founder: Rohit Chopra

Zifcare aims to empower patients to manage their own health by creating an online resource for medical information available in english and indic languages.

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