Startups at GUSEC

Over 45 startups and innovations are presently incubated at Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council (GUSEC). The following are some of the incubatees that have crossed the prototyping stage:

(Last updated in November 2017.)

AATAP Energy
Founder: Mahendra Chaudhari

AATAP Energy is a solar energy solution providers, working to design and develop concepts of solar power projects. AATAP works with residential, commercial and industrial clients providing solar PV, turnkey solution, EPC or consulting in the field of solar photovoltaics.
Founder: Mitesh Shethwala is India’s first-of-a-kind region fashion marketplace for local fashion brands, stores. was launched in late 2015, and presently has more than 15 premium brands from Gujarat including Jade Blue, Asopalav, Blue Buddha, etc. With over 20,000 products listed at prices 20 to 50% lesser than market rates, is changing how local fashion brands and consumers transact.

Automatic Rationing System
Founder: Harshal Sanghavi

Automatic Rationing System does materials distribution based on GSM and RFID Technology. RFID acts as ratio card and other purpose such as RC book, insurance details, service details etc.

Founder: Shubham Jain

BrainItOn provides a collaborative and interactive platform to learn and practice concepts based on user’s academics, competitive exams or other topics by solving quizzes and challenges.

Brainy Bottle
Founder: Gaurang Sindhav

Brainy Bottle’s main objective is to demolish the beverage bottle with self-intelligence only, which definitely stops downstream danger to life and reuse of the same.

Founder: Pankaj Bhimani

CampusYaari is a one of its kind merchandise solution provider for educational institutes and corporates. CampusYaari is spearheading a unique student ambassador program to channelise its brand awareness and marketing activities for faster growth.

Founder: Piyush Aswani

CashBasket is an online aggregator of more than 200+ online brands providing upto 25% additional cashback on every purchase along with best deals & discounts.

Founder: Shruti Chaturvedi

Chaaipani is a portal that focuses on sharing positive and inspiring stories of people in our daily lives. We aim towards bringing a positive change by telling people that they are not alone in their troubles and that there are several others who have fought similar battles and have stood invincible. Chaaipani aims at bringing out the best, most well informed and positively productive narrative about the modern day society and act as a node of stories of this culture to be told to all of mankind present and yet to arrive.

Founder: Anuj Patel

Chemsol is a research-based startup to provide solutions to chemical industries. We are developing a groundbreaking synthetic strategy that will astronomically change how some prominent drugs are developed in the country, and around the world.

Circuit Gyan
Founder: Smit Bhanushali

Circuit Gyan is an idea-stage startup focusing on building a platform enabling users to create tangible items using electronic devices. Circuit Gyan offers dev platforms, modules, tools, components as well as specialised support services.

Cubic Desktop Engineering
Founder: Dhruval Contractor

The basic idea of Cubic Desktop Engineering is to modify useful industrial machineries in such a way that it will become so cost effective, user friendly, consume less space and electrically efficient. 

Founder: Amish Thaker

easilyDone provides a common platform to all the needs of your society (residential & commercial). With easilyDone, one gets the entire experience of managing the nitty-gritty of your society online i.e. web app & mobile app.

Episodic Labs
Founder: Raja K

Episodic Labs is building its first revolutionary sensor-enabled product that will revolutionize how professional cricketers train and practice.

Founder: Vijay Kuril

Erty is a marketplace for fashion goods sourced locally, directly from manufactures, offering consumers standard products at low cost.

Founder: Anuj Ajmani

Fostrich is providing a unique reading experience by delivering books to individuals and corporates at a low cost.

Funkaar Gigs
Founder: Shreyans Chopra

Funkaar Gigs is a platform connecting consumers to artists for booking live music gigs. The startup provides end-to-end assistance to artists and offers a first-of-its-kind seamless experience to end users while planning gigs.

Founder: Mihir Pandya

GeoSafe is an end-to-end GPS solution for enterprise.

Founder: Rajan Patel

Greenobazaar is an online e-commerce platform offering certified organic, natural, recycled / up-cycled products across verticals such as Health Food, Healthcare, Home Decor, Art & Craft.

Founder: Pravin Parmar

HRiS365 is an innovative Saas-based human resource management system for small, medium and large enterprises, helping organisations streamline HR processes.

Infius Tech
Founder: Vatsal Maniar

Infius Tech is developing a low-cost alternative of motherboards used in industries and enterprises.

Konnect Health
Founder: Dr Hiren Kaswala

Konect Health is an online health platform that empowers individuals with better heath and disease management.

Krishi Box
Founder: Siddharth Rajde

KrishiBox is offering technology driven efficient B2B supply chain for veg-fruit. Using efficient operations & analytics, the startup is aiming to provide better price to farmers & reducing post harvest wastage.

Founder: Arjav Parikh

Luminati is a startup into production and research of smart clothing. Garments developed and produced by Luminati are devised to react to external factors such as sound, light, motion, heartbeat, etc.

Founder: Abha Mehra

Lutalica is an online magazine that aims to develop an unrestricted atmosphere for individuals to express through words. Lutalica also operates an offline event platform by the name of Words & Voices.

Manas Sealink LLP
Founder: Vedant Mankad

Manas Sealink LLP is an online platform for seamless digitisation of logitics through shipping lines and transport operations.

Miracles of Visual Education
Founder: Anshu Sharma

Miracles of visual education is an effort to improvise the otherwise enervated mode of teaching. The subjects of law are converted into short animation movies where the characters of these movies are the characters in leading decided cases which helps the students to not only understand the concepts better but also helps them in memorizing case laws almost within no time.

Founder: Vignesh Prabhu

Pheonotrix provides cost-effective 3D printer which can be used from tinkering to rapid prototytpe development.

Petrocab ERP
Founder: Janmesh Rami

Petrocab is petrol pump management software. This software is very simple to use and it help you to keep your pump well organized, systematic and simple at your finger tip.

Pi Nutrition
Founder: Kishor Kapadiya

The vision of Pi NUTRITION is to bring consumers great tasting, high quality, healthier nutrition beverages for a stronger and healthier world. We bring high nutrition low calories fruit juice based beverages fortified with essential micro-nutrients without compromising taste.

Planet Earthings
Founder: Gregory Acuna

Planet Earthlings is creating games for young people to empower them to make the world a better place. Our first game, the “Acting Kindly” card game, gets players to practice random acts of a kindness and playful acts to bring joy to others.

Founder: Aagam Shah

Plushvie is an online marketplace for authentic jewelery which brings reputed jewelery retailers on a single platform.

Founder: Kushal Trivedi

PreBOO is a communication solution for teachers, tutors, and administrators of pre-schools and kindergartens, allowing activities of children to be shared with concerned parents in real time.

Prevail Softtronics
Founder: Vijay Parmar

Prevail Softronics is LabVIEW based solutions provider company in academic and industry field. LabVIEW has vast applications in research which plays vital role in student skill development.

Founder: Vishal Modi

InQfy is a quiz and poll portal to play, create, and share quizzes and polls.

Founder: Parin Sanghavi

Reelo is a marketing automation and CRM solution for small medium businesses.

Salubrious Gujarat
Founder: Dilip Vasava

Salubrious Gujarat is to be identifying the Indigenous medicine with its medical applications to remove the life-threatening ailment.

SciTech Academics
Founder: Dr Megha Bhatt

The main aim of SciTech is to expose kids to “Experiential Learning” and develop to build Scientific temperament and aptitude in children upto Grade 8 by different languages of learning.

Founder: Abhi Bavishi

Smartify is a marketplace for automation companies, and an open, interactive platform for customers. Smartify is trying to reduce the knowledge-execution gap, and encourage early-adopters in the IoT space to launch their products and get to mainstream market.

Founder: Karan Pujara

StudentDesk is a web and mobile-based platform where students can buy, sell, exchange, rent or donate their books, magazines and other study material online within their institutes / city.

Synbiotic Foods
Founder: Sipai Nazirahmed

Synbiotic foods contains probiotic and prebiotic components.The probiotic organisms help in the digestion system and prebiotic organisms helps in the nutrition.

Founder: Manish Agarwal

Tiffinity solves a very common problem. For working couples, bachelors and paying guests, getting homemade food without cooking it is a distant dream. Yet, delicious meals are being prepared in homes all around them. Tiffinity makes it possible to browse what’s cooking around them, and to get it delivered straight onto their table. Tiffinity also provides a great platform for aspiring home chefs to express their creativity and build a fanbase from the comfort of their home. Unique cuisines and secret family recipes will now find their way into the hearts and minds of foodies all over through Tiffinity.

Founder: Dhruvil Shah

Websiters helps consumers and small businesses get online, effectively and radically cheaply.

Founder: Kanishka Patel

We Hear is working on developing a revolutionary hearing aid using bone conduction technology.

Founder: Brinda Patel

Wittybrowns is working closely with moral and practical education of students. WittyBrowns develops set of exams which helps students to identify their true potential in various domains. Wittybrowns aims to bring revolution in education system of India by building morally strong and passionate youth.

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