What are the facilities available for Startups & Innovators at GUSEC?

GUSEC is located within the lush-green university campus right in the heart of Ahmedabad, making GUSEC one of the most accessible startup support systems in the state.

Startups and innovators incubated at GUSEC have access to a plethora of specially created facilities, as well as existing resources and facilities available at the university, some of which include:

  • Working space: A 120-seater, air-conditioned co-working space spread across 5,000 square feet area with well-lit ambiance and ample of space for meetings and collaborations. The space is open everyday, including weekends, and features different type of seatings. Surrounded by common university lawns, botanical gardens, and a tea kitli, GUSEC is also perfect for those outdoor meetings you always wanted to do!
  • High-speed Internet: GUSEC startups avail unlimited, unrestricted super-fast internet, and by fast we mean really fast. A 1 Gbps leased-line over the National Knowledge Network ensures entrepreneurs and innovators at GUSEC are always connected to the world through blazing fast WiFi and LAN connectivity.

  • Auditoriums, conference halls and classrooms: Startups can get access to all auditoriums, conference halls and classrooms in the university campus for meetings, events and get-togethers, at low- or no-cost. Over 10 auditoriums and conference halls of different sizes, and over 100 classrooms are available on request.
Incubated startup 'Chaaipani' organising one of their events at GUSEC premises
Incubated startup ‘Chaaipani’ organising one of their events at GU campus
  • Specialised laboratories: Over 40 laboratories across a spectrum of specialisations, from computer science to physics to climate change to forensic science, startups have full access to all such labs across all academic departments of the university.
  • Multimedia research centre: Startups also can take benefit of the UGC-sponsored Electronic Multimedia and Research Centre (EMMRC) in the university campus that is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-video recording studio and necessary equipment for producing industry-grade audio-visual content including your product videos, crowdfunding sequences, etc.
  • University Sports Complex: Startups have access to the state-of-the-art sports facilities available at the sports complex within the university premises for necessary leisure and recreation!
And sometimes leisure doesn't require a trip to the sports complex!
And sometimes leisure doesn’t require a trip to the sports complex! Entrepreneurs have a go at badminton after-hours at GUSEC.
  • University Library: The Gujarat University Library houses over 3.5 lakh books, and provides access to over 1.6 lakh eBooks. All facilities available at the university library are extended to incubated startups upon request.

Mentorship: Incubated startups also have access to GUSEC Mentor Board, a board of external subject experts from a wide array of industry verticals and specialisations, for mentorship and guidance. GUSEC is under the process of forging relations with investors and other funding agencies to provide tangible funding support to incubated startups.

Associations: GUSEC has partnered with prominent organisations to avail their service/products at low or no cost for incubated startups. To avail, startups may reach out to GUSEC Team. Following are the associations: